First Impressions: Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

Instant Summary: The worst pilots in a division obtains the best mechas available, and heads out immediately to fight the space war they are born to fight.

An action mecha... comedy? I approve! It's a little weird if you think about it, because almost all the mecha titles touch on the subjects of war and death, and that leaves little room for comedy. Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince is not too different in that aspect as well, but even when the threat of death is pretty real, so far they managed to kept the mood really light and comedic. There's even one character, Tamaki, that is almost never seen with a super-distorted face. You'd think that she doesn't even know about the war that's going on.

Speaking of faces, the anime is chock full of super-distorted faces, to the point where the animation looks really sloppy outside of the action scenes. Though, this is part of what makes the show comedic, for the better or worst. But if that's the unique selling point of this anime, why not?

But on the flipside, the action scenes look gorgeous. The fast-paced battles with pretty mech designs and CG effects makes a stark contrast with the scenes outside of the suits. This is, of course, their primary selling point, as with literally all mecha animes, although it has yet to become anything unique.

Outlook: Likable and already pretty enjoyable, this one might have some potential.

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