First Impressions: Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru

Instant Summary: A self-hating loner joins the volunteer club, where he meet other schoolmates that doesn't have friends.

This is almost a clone of Haganai on first glance. A guy with no friends joins a club for people like him. The prettiest girl in school is an outcast because of her overwhelming charm. One of them is a complete bitch, while the other is a curvy, jumpy, clingy and slightly dumb tsundere.

I hated Haganai because it's essentially an easy harem that spent way too much time fucking around with no regards to story, plot or development. Yahari doesn't have that problem; the anime spent a lot of time around Hachiman's self-loathing and solitude, which has actually played heavily into the events so far.

Yahari can look really boring, but it has some positives. The girls of Yahari are fairly attractive, even if most of the ones introduced are supposed bitches. And while it's hard to like the main character Hachiman, his attitude could be something special to the show. It can be witty and funny, and at times, the main character can actually look cool for the strength of his conviction.

Or... it could not. Hachiman has the "unintentional kindness" that resulted in the creation of practically every single harem that existed, and it seems that there's a lot of female characters to come. I'm totally not against a harem, of course, but I'll really hate to see another Haganai. And could the concept be interesting? These guys are really anti-social, and that itself seems more like a boon than a perk.

Outlook: It wasn't disappointing in any way, but in no way did it impress either.

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