First Impressions: Photo Kano

Instant Summary: A guy obtains a camera from his father and starts taking pictures of female schoolmates in borderline erotic positions.

This is my impression of Photo Kano after two episodes:

For the characters, it's a bunch of well-sculpt girls with no personalities that really likes the painfully boring protagonist, and really like to have their photos taken, especially if they're slightly perverted.

For the premises, it's a place where arming yourself with a camera turns your schoolmates into instant gravure models, even if you're acting like a creep, or using threats to get what you want.

For the story... what story?

As an anime, it's a series of pretty fanservice still shots of anime girls, with really ugly animation in between them.

It's a shame that the anime has a full lineup of big name seiyuus. Saito Chiwa, Sawashiro Miyuki, Nakahara Mai, Itou Kanae, Kanemoto Hisako, Mizuhashi Kaori. I would really like to enjoy Photo Kano, but I can't.

Outlook: Save yourself the trouble and find a blog that takes a dozen screenshots off each episode. All that is good about the title would be there. Don't waste your time.

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