12 Moments of Anime #9: Anohana ED

I need a pic, so here's some moé

Here's a short one. I ought to make a top OP/ED of 2011 post to put this into, but Anohana's ED "Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ (10 Years After)" is special enough to call it a "moment of 2011". There's just something about ED that ties up the atmosphere of the show really nicely. EDs has always been more important than OPs to me; in fact, most of the anime songs in my Ipod are EDs. This particular song is a good example of why.

The drop at 0:42 still gives me the chills.

Runner up: Wired Life (Ao no Exorcist), Shiny Shiny (Deadman Wonderland)