12 Moments of Anime #10: Seiyuu Controversy

Aoki Ume's version of Toyosaki Aki
I'm late, and well, something cocked up, and I think I crashed Anime Nano for a while a few days ago. Something I scheduled for the 30th of this month got published immediately, somehow. And it was dated 30th on Nano as well.

Anyway, I wasn't too keen on writing this because this is about the uglier side of the anime industry, and I don't really want to be part of seiyuu-bashing in any form, but, well... decided to anyway, since this is one of those things that quickly got right on top of my head when I thought of 2011.

It started with this piece of news on Sankaku Complex.

The photos aside, it was mentioned that Aya Hirano had sex with all but one of her band members, and apparently she was so sex crazed that it caused the band to break up. I'm sure it's obvious to you what happen next; the fans abandoned her, got a really bad rep with the media, lost contracts, and her career fell apart. I don't really care that much really. A lot of people think I'm a Aya fan because I used to be a Harutard, but no, I never really liked her or her other roles anyway. It's a bit of shock that she's so, well, "loose", but I didn't care much in the end. Aya has never portrayed herself as the brightest person anyway.

(most of these news below are from the hashihime blog. See blogroll)

Then came the news of Toyosaki Aki living with Tom-H@ck, who composed much of the K-ON band songs as well as those on Haganai. There's also the Tomatsu Haruka's date with another guy. Related posts: The message from Sphere (which both Aki and Haruka belongs to) to fans, and the conference leak.

Aaaaand this, which is like a compilation of the recent scandals. First and foremost, I didn't really have a problem with seiyuu's leading a normal life, because, hey, they're still normal humans. But well... being a seiyuu automatically makes them an idol (as long as they're young or attractive enough), and I feel that if the agency is pushing their images as an idol (which is pretty much guaranteed), they should refrain from doing anything that could led to scandals like these. I'm not saying to be chaste or pure or whatever, no, but you gotta admit taking photos like these and the idea of living with another guy is pretty dumb. I mean, if you let your agency sell that image of yours like that, then it's your job to protect that image. I think so, at least, because I'm not one of those guys they sell that image too. I don't care about stuff like these.


Ok, I lied. Reading about Hanazawa Kana having sex with her ex many years ago makes me feel a little... something? Jealousy? I mean, how old was she when she did that? She's even my age! And she's my favourite seiyuu and all, and... aw, fuck.

I'm not taking as sides in this debate or anything, I don't want to be one to say what's right and wrong. This is just a little food for thought.