Puella Magi Madoka Magica 7: Eep, I don't get it

Short summary: Sayaka cracks, after realising that she's going to lose Kyousuke to Hitomi, after practically giving up her life for him. Sayaka thinks that she has no chance to be with Kyousuke because she is a walking corpse and the real her is trapped in a little shell forever.

The problem I have with is episode is that, well, although I see a lot of people rage over the truth of the soul gems, I don't get why they are so traumatised by the fact that their souls are taken out and put into little containers. Sure, it's not right that a person arbitrary separates another person's soul and body without telling them, but what are the consequences? Mami lived on properly without knowing that fact at all, and could probably kept on living as a normal girl if she didn't have to constantly fight witches. It's not like the body is any different from a normal human's; they still breathe, move, blink, eat and I don't see how it can prevent Sayaka from having a relationship with the violin dude. After all, it's not like anyone can take over her body and use it as they wish; it still belongs to her and her alone, unless Kyubei still has something they don't want us to know.

She might commit suicide if she really killed her best friend is such a stupid manner.

So, I guess the direction of the last two episodes didn't really work on me since I don't feel the kind of mindfuck the girls are getting from Kyubei. I do have an issue on how easily Sayaka gave up on her violin guy, though that might be because I don't "get" how she feels.

Still, Madoka Magica sure is an intense thought-provoking (read: mindfuck) series we haven't seen in a while. It didn't quite reached the level of Lain or NGE, but since episode three the series went on the downward spiral which looked like it will continue till near end of the series. The story became more and more depressing with each episode and although it seemed like all the problems would be solved when Madoka became a Puella Magi, I don't see it happening anytime soon, even after the series has crossed the halfway mark. I'm interested to see how the series will progress and what the next episode will bring, but I can't safely say I would enjoy the series overall unless the series conclude with one big happy ending >.>

And bring back Mami <.<


  1. Well, KB also showed that it's the gem that's really feeling, the corpse barely feels anymore (or those feelings are barely real). You see that the body barely feels the pain compared to the gem so it should be about the same with pleasure. It kinda puts a damper on a potential physical relationship.

  2. I thought it only applied to pain, or else they would have realized it won't they? KB mentioned that he could adjust that sensitivity too...

  3. It seems the entire point is that they're all too childish and naive for the powers they're granted, and KB simply doesn't care to explain the obvious to them.

    Sayaka can't see the forest from the trees right now, and doesn't quite grasp that she is still perfectly capable of having a relationship. And KB is completely alien or something and either doesn't grasp basic human emotion or is well beyond the point of caring.

  4. Lol. I haven't seen that argument anywhere on the net yet.

    But I think you're right; Sayaka isn't mature enough to accept the downside of her powers, even though it's really a mental issue, not a physical one.