Infinite Stratos Ep7: Screw the plot, give me more Charlotte

I don't plan on doing episodics, so this post will be all about France-chan =D


Why sometimes a slow reaction is good; that bastard Ichika got a good FIVE seconds while Charlotte's processing the fact that she's sticking out her ass for him to get a good look.

I guess only Ichika has the kind of 1337 skill of taking off a girl's pantsu after falling down. The random shot of the room prevent us from knowing how he did it exactly or... is it some kind of bonus in the blu-rays? O.O

Times like this you REALLY gotta love Hanazawa Kana's voice acting.

More awkward cuts here in this scene. Which means, more bonus in the BDs! (Hopefully)

Some people are still talking about problems with the story but you know what, fuck the story. Sometimes a series is simply win with the characters and you don't need the creamer to make the coffee taste good.

Although we've yet to see much story beyond the harem even until now, lets just cross the bridge when it comes.

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