Series Review: Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! (6/10)

Instant summary: Due to the demise of his sister, Yuuta ends up taking care of his 3 nieces, 2 of whom are not blood-related.

How would you make a new family bond? Put them all in a tiny room and make them live there for a month.

That's the point of Papa no Iukoto Kikinasai. Bonding aside, there's also the usual hijinks you'll expect when you put too many young people in the same room. There's a pretty big age gap between them, but since when is that a problem in anime? Having read a few chapters of the manga, I was pretty interested in how the anime would turn out, because their "bonding" subject reminds me of Kure-nai, which I loved.

While I did get what I wanted, PapaKiki feels more like an endless cycle of domestic issues that cropped up within the new family. And it always seems to be about the money issue that Yuuta is struggling with. While I admit that it's realistically the main problem, we're lacking a bit of variety here. Still, I admit I enjoy seeing the family grow close each time they find a solution. It's the most interesting thing in the series other than Raika.

Though, I must say that all the moé-fication ruined the series. And I don't mean Raika, who functions mostly as eye-candy in the series anyway. Do they really need to pander Sora so much? While I understand that Sora's the key to the bond between Yuuta and the three sisters, her reactions are so clichéd that it spoiled some of what could be the best moments in the series.

The anime has a pretty decent ending, but I don't think it actually has enough content to justify 12 episodes. I won't say that there are any cringe-worthy or incredibly boring moments, but the episodes focused on Sora and Miu felt really pointless. It doesn't feel like anime-original material, but I don't think it deserves an episode when there's limited screentime.

The animation is average at best. Some of the scenes felt dragged out, and some of them are just lazy. The OP and ED songs are pretty nice though. All is forgiven since they've made Hina so cute.

Overall it was entertaining, but not stuff worth recommending.

Plot/Concept: Very Good!
Story Style: Fair
Audio/Visual: Fair
Value: 6