Series Review: Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (4/10)

Instant Summary: A shut-in (hikikomori) has the power to alter reality.

Sasami's screencaps are pretty boring. But at least they reflect the anime well.

Despite being a big fan of "Shinbo-style", we all know studio Shaft bombs every now and then. For this anime, unfortunately, that becomes very clear by the third episode. But even among the titles that has very little success like Natsu no Arashi, I've always enjoyed the unique presentation of Shinbo. That is until Sasami-san@Ganbaranai. This anime kinda proved that while "Shinbo-style" animation may be the life of many titles, it can also wreck a show.

That is because Sasami actually had good story. It even has a good concept that puts the traditional Japanese gods in very unusual characters, and the "absolute power over all creation" becomes a very interesting element of the show. But the "Shinbo-style" seems to be in constant conflict with the story. In the first three episodes, I had a hard time telling whether the show is trying to be serious or comedic, because it seemed so absurd that everything could just wrap up as one big joke. That, and it's really hard to take the Brother's ridiculous voice seriously. It's actually pretty enjoyable during the comedic or slice-of-life sections, but the story always feels like a big mess.

The killer would be how it gets so very irritating over time. The conflict between the serious and comedic atmosphere is one. The Brother's voice is another. And there's the poor animation combined with excessive posing, probably to saving money on animation. And there's the rapid-fire conversation delivering huge chunks of information over loud, melodramatic and annoying BGM. That is a new low for Shaft.

Sasami gives me the constant vibe that it's trying to be something unique and spectacular. But throughout the show that's all it'll be; trying to be something it's not. Either the lack of budget or laziness screwed the show over, and made it the worst Shaft title yet.

Plot/Concept: Great potential...
Story Style: The style took the story to all the wrong places.
Audio/Visual: Poor
Value: 4

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