Fall 2010 Round Up: Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt

Truth to be told, I like how PSG turns out in the end!

True, some might think that the studio tries too hard to push out out a conclusive ending, I think it works out pretty well. While a lot of anime series like Soul Eater (RAGE!) screwed the anime over in favour of a conclusive end, PSG still maintained the wackiness and fun even at the depressing point of the story. The best thing about the ending is, it certainly didn't feel cheap, unlike a lot of anime original endings.

And while western style animation isn't really my cup of tea, PSG definitely didn't feel childish (a trait I can't help associating with western cartoons), thanks to the mature theme of the show. With that said, I will not enjoy PSG without all the violence, sex and expletives in the series. I guess mixing a childish appearance with mature subject is the point of this franchise, and it's good to see something new in the industry. I know it's hard to use this style for anything else, but who know, maybe there will people who would surprise us.

Plot/Concept: Excellent!
Story Style: Doesn't matter, I guess.
Audio/Visual: Excellent!
Value: 9

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