The First Post

Why now?

Well, why not ever?

Well, primarily I am used to keep track of what anime I've watched by writing a (considerably) short review of it on (I think my review count is one of the reason I ended staffing there) and that was before MAL. Now that Anime-Source's systems are getting cranky and lacking tech support, my first intention is to shift all my reviews to MAL... which my reviews are being "less than helpful" there. Pff. While I agree most of my reviews did not deliver what someone would hope to look for in an anime review (I often get lost in my train of thoughts), I must say I am not please that somehow, some lamer reviews got a higher "helpful" score than mine. Maybe people ended voting if they've agreed on the opinions of the review instead of being "helpful", since I must say I usually do not have a very common opinion.

...Which is also why I chose this theme; or style of writing because like I've said earlier, I got lost in my train of thoughts rather easily. Describing my opinions in short paragraphs or in point form should work for me and I will like to see how that will turn out. I am a pretty visual speaker anyway, judging by my job at Anime-Source is 80% photoshopping. Keeping my posts short is also partly because I hated tl;dr posts and its scary how some really serious bloggers spent so much time writing that they've actually lost their social life.

The reason for the name means each post will be just a minute of my opinions. Of course, one minute is just figuratively speaking; but the intention is there. I do not plan to take up more than a couple of minute of the reader's time with each post.

With the introduction done, I present you... One minute of du5k.

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