Infinite Stratos Ep9: Blatant Fanservice (and nothing else)

Laura had been reduced as a character more than I though. Here's a common wake-up-with-a-naked-girl scenario she got into.

It didn't occur to me that Laura was a loli character until this episode, lol.

Sadly, Charlotte has became nothing more than a harem member as well. After revealing her gender to the school, she suffers the fate of receiving Ichika's blockhead treatment.

Britain and China, still the bench warmers in the game. Now they've got another opponent in the form of Germany. At least they're forming a temporary alliance against France who appears to be the current leader in the game.

And... that's about it. The rest of the episode goes like this:

Charlotte get naked in the same changing room as Ichika, while Laura seeks professional help to choose a swimsuit.

Rin gets a ride, Cecilia gets a rub.

Rin molests Cecilia and gets a cramp, prompting hero-mode Ichika to the rescue.

(The whole rescue thing didn't even last a minute)

Laura suffers from bishoujo blushing syndrome after Ichika called her cute in her swimsuit.


Wonder where Houki disappeared to the whole episode? She's ruminating about her new Gundam she will be getting when her sister Reisen Inaba arrives

Seriously, despite the plentiful fanservice, the episode was pretty bad. It's like they're not even trying to make something original anymore, and just stuck to the bread-and-butter scenarios for crappy eroge adaptations. I've been supporting IS but this episode has neither story nor character development... And I don't think it's a good idea to have a 90% filler episode this late in the series, when they're sorely lacking in the story department.


  1. Honestly, I was surprised there weren't any obvious filler episodes so far. For a harem anime, that's a good thing...I suppose.

    Yeah, this episode was a disaster. If only they would chuck the girls out and focus on the mecha battles, I can almost guarantee a larger audience for this one. But, noooo, they'll just keep adding airheaded sluts every episode.

  2. I suppose if all the studio wanted was to sell on the girls, they won't need any fillers when Ichika's trying to win them over...

    Now that everyone is his waifu, fillers are the way to go...