Puella Magi Modoka Magica Ep 12

Or rather, I want to erase every witch from being born, personally.

Well, I need some time to decide whether I agree with the ending or not, and if I like how it all turns out... so, this is just about what's going on in the episode.

So... this is how it turns out. Madoka ends up being god AND time-traveller, erasing every witch before they are born. The question is, so do the girls survive after that? If they do, it doesn't explain how Sayaka died. If they don't that kinda sucks, it means Madoka's some kind of Mahou Shoujo Grim Reaper.

You know what I think? I can't help thinking that she's trying to convince Homura that everything's alright so that she won't activate her time-reversing ability.

So... you're still fucked in the end? You're still trapped in small little gemstones, you still die by expending energy?

I thought Madoka screw Kyubei's energy plan as well, but looks like they found another method of gathering despair/energy.

You... forgot why you're called "Incubator" in the first place, right?

If you ask me... that looks really witch-like. Homura in her final moments? I really do hope they add in a part where they explain that the girls will see Madoka right before they "die" though.


That was really lame.


  1. Actually the wish Madoka made was very intelligent when you look at it

    You’re under the following restrictions
    i) Incubators still need to be around and need to be enticed with energy to continue to help

    ii) Humans still need emotion hence negative emotions will always arise. The resulting condensation of the negativity needs to be removed or dispersed (hence MS)

    iii) An automated removal of witches (eg, wish for all witches gone) would open yourself to side effects since you have no control of how the automated removal happened (eg each witch exploded in a nuclear explosion). By taking the role of removal, Madoka ensures she has oversight and no side effects will arise

    iv) You need to handle the part where the wisher becomes a witch. By closing the circle, Madoka ensures she handled the final scenerio.

    Very smart actually. She never attempts a “perfect” solution because all perfect solutions are never perfect.

    As for the incubators, the result is that instead of the equivalent of getting a million dollars every deal(ie per mahou shoujo that turns witch), you get 1000 every deal (the new monsters).

    This is again a smart move. As timeline 4 shows, the incubators are more than happy to say good bye when they reach their energy quota. With the new system, they are going to have to really work to reach their quota. And this work benefits mankind directly.

  2. I thought the ending was alright~ it's kinda confusing with the whole time travelling thing @_@