What the fuck, Merry?

And to think that I tried putting the series in a better light. J.C Staff, now you proved that you totally suck at writing anime original storylines.

Kawanami and Leon are pitiful characters. Despite what seemed like a important plot device, the gun does absolutely nothing, Leon bit the dust and Kawanami simply got brainwashed. In summary, they might as well have absolutely no purpose in the anime, other than eating up screentime. Perhaps that's the precise reason they are here; to make up for lack of story by filling up screentime.

I tried to screencap the stupidest line in the episode, but there were too many of them.

And wtf is with the power of thoughts thing? Engi's wounds simply healed by itself, Merry gains enough strength, and Yumeji summoned a fucking weapon? YOU WANNA BE MATRIX DAMMIT? And Yumeji's power should be left for the manga storyline. Maybe they realised they fucked up and won't get a chance for a second season anyway.

I really expected the action in the last episode to be better. This is just sad, and I guess it really shows that they've really ran out of money or something. And wtf is with the BGM? WTF is with the invisible trumpet Yui is blowing?

Yumekui Merry, you failed. I expected better.

We are anime protagonists, and anime protagonists gain imba powers for the sake of writer's convenience.

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