The creep in Anohana (and other rants)

Cross dressing AND shaving your legs just to fuel your obsession over a dead girl put you on top of Kimochi Warui Hosaka. You know, that other creep from Minami-ke.

And he looks like this.

I thought he was just the unbearable prick in the show, but now he self-pwn'd and made himself the clown. However, if he manage to come clean with his Menma-fetish, he'll be a valuable role in Menma-hunting.

Anyway, you know what's so irritating about the show? The fact that Menma's so corporeal, to be able to eat, move objects, has mass, and can fucking bake but Jinta isn't going to use those facts to prove that Menma is there. I though there was just some underlying meaning in all the human-things she can do, but Jinta threw it out of the window when he gave the guys the muffins Menma baked.

Lets just do the "pour the paint over in the invisible man" trick.

P.S. And Jinta needs to grow some balls soon and win over Miss Anal, now that she's very likely to lose her pretty friends in the near future.

P.P.S. I've totally fallen in love with the ED, Secret Base. The drop right before the chorus was sick.


  1. Wow, you weren't kidding about this being a "rant" :D

    "Dude.. Jinta, I know you've been totally messed up in the head for ten years, but seriously, you should be tapping that ass, and totally not doubting your sanity right now"

    And yeah, the OP/ED in this show are great, I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes the bridge there in the ED.

  2. Lol, ranting is in my blog description. If anything, I don't rant enough.

    And yeah, I dunno how he can resist an osananajimi who has became so hot in just a few years.