Series Reviews: Dororon Enma-kun Meramera

No, this isn't guro... it's just magic gone wrong.
Remake of a 1970s show, Dororon Enma-kun. It's a nonsensical anime that is almost entirely full of perverted jokes, and it uses a unique form of directing that is extremely old-fashioned, kiddy, or both. I figured this was meant to reflect the directing style back when the first version of Enma-kun aired. . Unlike modern ecchi anime, this show doesn't actually try reveal any nipples or try to pronounce any camel toes, but it probably isn't any less perverted, albeit in a very creative but childish sense.

While the high production values and unique style of directing does made the show very interesting early on, the effect quickly wore off. The anime tried to inject some form of story leading right up to the ending, but I've already lost interest in the show midway and procrastinated finishing it. I was watching it for the unique style and not the genre, so I naturally got bored of the show after it failed to bring in anything new in the entire season.

It's not like I didn't enjoy the show at all; I still appreciate the fan-service and comedy to a certain extent, and the characters itself are very likable. But the theme of the show doesn't bring in anything new to the anime scene, and at the end of it all I don't feel like I've enjoyed the series as a whole. In the end, I can only recommend this as a really good time-waster.

Plot/Concept: Boring
Story Style: Fairly Good
Audio/Visual: Good (Noto was a surprise...)
Value: 4