So... Guilty Crown.

I got the episode as early as Friday, but waited until now to watch it... Almost all of the blogs I've read on Friday itself was pretty negative, so I wasn't too keen to watch it right away. With all the crap airing this season I'm not ready for another disappointment.

It's ironic that while I didn't want GC to become another CG, I had totally expected it to be one. At least, I thought I'll be seeing a lot of selling points that sold Code Geass. But what I really got was the introduction of CG minus the charm of the lead character, plus a lot of clichés.

Seriously, I totally did not expect a generic angsty teen to star the most hyped-up show this season. They should really just stick to the crappy VN adaptations or harem fanservice shows that plagued the market, not on projects like this. What were they thinking? Half the charm of Geass comes from the character that is Lelouch. Surely they could have realized importance of the leading character. And here I though he looked really cool in that promo pic (left).

Holy shit, I thought this came straight out of Dantalion no Shoka
But it's okay, plunging your hand inside a girl's chest is as sexy as hell.
No, it's not bad enough to call is a disappointment... yet. Of course all the hype and fame of the production crew does raised the expectations quite a bit, and the first episode isn't quite as impressive as I thought... expect for the animation quality, of course. It irks me to see them use clichés to flesh out the story right off the bat though. I hope it's because they really wanted to dive into the story quickly, and this would be their easy way out to quickly finish up the introduction.

The production quality is definitely one of the best, if not the best, of this season. I'm not sure if all the songs are written by Ryo, but they're all pretty awesome too. The BGM during the action scenes are a little irritating, though.

I don't really know what to expect from Guilty Crown at this point, but here's hoping that we'll see an awesome story after they got the introduction over with. I guess having a very generic introduction isn't all that bad if it actually presents the opportunity to boast the superb animation quality the series has. Even if the story actually turn out to be be crap, well... at least it's pretty to look at.

- Wow, the mech fired 3 missiles and still didn't manage to kill Inori. The pilot must really suck.
- So they're actually childhood friends?.. great.
- I wonder what the mechs are doing when Shu's pulling that sword out. Marveling at the pretty light, I guess.
- Inori's gotta be the prettiest character in the entire season year.