I Don't Have Many Friends To Hunt With Ep2

This takes me back. It's been ages since I've last touched a PSP, but I still remember the times when I had spent countless hours glued to it. I must say I really appreciate how closely they based the game that they're playing on the real one right down to the charging of attacks, the miscellaneous tasks like fishing and hunting, sleep bombing (although she actually sleep bombed a player) and even the standard great sword combos Sena is using. It wasn't really possible to kill a fellow player though. And I don't think leveling to rank 6 is actually possible in 50 hours, much less doing it alone.

Killing each other had never been so much fun.
Ok, enough of me geeking about my MH experience. While I do appreciate the pretty graphics and the world of Monster Hunter coming into real life, I don't see what's the appeal in two girls constantly chewing away at each other. And a part of me even feels pissed off at them for being such useless teammates in the game where teamwork is everything. They might have a pretty face, but it seems like they're completely rotten inside.

And it's funny that even though Kodaka's image paints him as a hard-ass, he's constantly pushed around by the two girls he's least afraid of. And if he can talk to Yozora so naturally for the first time, I don't see how he would have made this face ^.

So what is this really good for? Oh, right...

The fanservice.