So you heard of Baby, Please Kill Me?

I know everyone's all excited about the new season, but I'll like to take a moment to talk about the next one... as in Winter 2011. Actually, no. I'm just gonna talk about this one manga series.

So, I saw on moetron that this series is going to be adapted, and the extremely early chart confirms that we'll get to see it really soon. Damn, I can't wait.

So what's about this manga that would deserves a post? Well, Baby, Please Kill Me is an extremely simple 4-koma about Sonya, a professional assassin who actually attending school, and her dimwit "friend" Yasuna who can't leave her alone. It might not sound like much, but the comedy is of pure awesome. It starts off humbly like that of Mangaka-san to Assisstant-san to or even Working, I found this way funnier than any of the 4-koma I've ever seen.

It's just... it's so damn simple, it only has 3 characters, the manga has barely any detail, yet it is so full of fabulous. Damn, just go read it.