Series Review: Dantalion no Shoka (4/10)

First, let me rant. I've just finished the final episode not too long ago and the only thought I had in my mind is "I lasted 11 episodes for this?!" <spoilers ahoy!> So.. you know that little white girl within Dalian? First she decided to stay in her eternal limbo forever, and now she decides to leave after a bleeding Huey simply held out his hand? And Huey, who actually had his gun pointed at the whathisname who tried to kill him, Dalian and the white girl he's trying to save, chose to carry Dalian and bash through a window to escape with a fatally wounded body instead of shooting that prick? We all know that Huey ain't no saint, as much as he looks to be. And what's with the floating death sequence? And Dalian had a resurrection book, remember? This episode is so full of shit. (/spoiler)

You know, I got my episodes from Commie. They claimed that it was like the best series there is. Maybe I didn't catch their sarcasm, but well, I guess I got pwned.

I was hoping that the main plot would blow me away, because the story concept and the one-episode-stories that it has generated were terribly unimpressive. Huey's a goody-two-shoes, Dalian's a run-of-the-mill tsundere who think she's a princess, and their synergy was only decent at best. The theory that these Phantom Books can possibly do anything and Dalian's a anthropomorphic "library" that stores hundreds of thousands of these books would had generated a practically unlimited number of interesting story concepts and situations, but Dantalion no Shoka actually settled for the most boring of them all.

And if you've skipped the spoileriffic rant above, the main plot which supposedly had a lot to do with the pasts of the main characters, was terribly disappointing as well. The show filled us with questions about the character's histories, but the ending turned out to be a huge mess of clichés which provided NO answers whatsoever. In fact, it does leave us with even more questions that I suppose was to be answered in another season.

Many people complimented the show for its graphics, but I really can't see where it could be described as "good". Most of the scenes were just average, but I feel that the scenes they were trying to impress with were just a jumble of frames that caused the scene to look awkward, not to mention the low frame rate.

So who is the white girl after all? What's her relation with Huey and Dalian, and what's her fate and role in the future?... Well, I don't think I really care anymore.

Plot/Concept: Poor
Story Style: Boring
Audio/Visual: Pass
Value: 4