Series Review: Nekogami Yaoyorozu (3/10)

I came into this series is no knowledge of what it's about, its origins or even its studio. I only know that it boasts a plethora of famous seiyuus and probably one of my few remaining chances of hearing Horie Yui's voice. Well, if so many seiyuus chose to be part of this, it can't possible suck, right?


Simply put, Nekogami Yaoyorozu is the epitome of boring. I hate to put anime titles that requires so much investment in such a negative light, but that's just what it is. The series has an awesome line-up of big-name seiyuus, but that's all that is positive to it. It doesn't have any story, any real comedy, any appealing moé factor, any interesting concept, any impressive animation, just... no, nothing. I would have settled for fanservice, but Yoshino remains fully clothed throughout the series and no, even if she did, she can't drive the show on her own.

The studio must have blown all of its budget on the seiyuus because the production quality end up paying for it. It wasn't actually bad, but it was incredibly low-level and simple. The music is just okay, I guess. So is the show all about selling on the treasure trove of  voice talent in the show?

It's no wonder why this show remains relatively unknown. There are only 2 posts on anime nano that wasn't first impressions, although they seem to be relatively postitve about the show. Ugh, I just can't see how this can be even moderately interesting.

Plot/Concept: None!
Story Style: Boring
Audio/Visual: Unimpressive, even with the seiyuu talents
Value: 3