12 Moments of Anime #2: The Past of Akemi Homura

You know which episode I'm talking about.

I've blogged this episode before, so I won't really go into it. But here's some of the reasons why this episode stood out.

1. It was climax after climax. We already have an idea on how it would turn out, but each of the climax ended differently, developed the next, and made sense chronologically. Basically, it's like multiple org-

2. The shocking personality change of Homura. From a weak, timid and humble girl, the episode perfectly portrayed how the events shaped her into a cold, ruthless and intimidating person.

3. Mystery unveiled. Specifically, Homura's raison d'être. I'm a pretty impatient guy, and normally I'll be pretty annoyed if they left an important story element untouched for like 3/4 of the series. But in this case, we see that the longer the suspense, the bigger the shock value.

4. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, how the world should have been if Kyuubei wasn't such a troll.
Not really his fault, but fcuk Kyuubei

I'm still sore about Homura not even attempting to explain the truth of the world to Madoka.