Guilty Crown Ep8

Complimentary beach episode.
Ok, so here's a cliché comment: I think this would be the best episode so far.

And no, it wasn't because of the fanservice. Well, it does make things a little bit better, but this is probably the first time where I didn't go WTF every 5 minutes in the show. It's true, I'm not even exaggerating. The only thing I could possibly whine about is how ridiculously convenient Souta's void is, but I don't find myself easily listing down the things I could complain about, unlike, you know, every other episode that comes before this.

Because first of all, Shu really has grown. He still wimp out on the confession, but wasn't as sickeningly wimpy as before. What I do appreciate is that he's finally man enough to stand up to Souta and tell him that he's not going to help him win Inori. Even though Shu still can't say it in his face that he really does have feelings for her, it's already a giant leap forward for Shu's wimpy personality. Maybe it only works when the character's an absolute zero to start with.

The "open-up" talk between Shu and Souta would be my favourite moment in the whole of GC so far, and the scene doesn't even have any T&A. I must say it's pretty heart-warming to see the two start knowing each other like how it should be, even though they're kind of rivals now and Shu pretty much betrayed Souta. Much like Shu and Gai's bonding back in episode 6, I guess it's pretty nice to see Shu break the image of a lone loser that no one could understand.

Secondly, I thought that it might be the first time where I've seen the Funeral Parlor guys act in a real friendly manner to Shu. And that comes from Ogumo's "advice" on his almost-confession and Ayase's almost-jealous remark on his unfinished sentence. All these while Shu felt like the awkward noob that no one likes, but maybe that's starting to change.

But ironically, this is it for Guilty Crown for me. I've always took it upon myself to finish (almost) every series I've started, but with the amount of free time getting lesser and my to-watch list getting longer, I just don't see the value to torture myself with a horrible production anymore. This might be an excellent episode for GC, but it still doesn't erase the fact that GC is, well, a piece of sh!t. You know, it's funny, every week I told myself that I'll be dropping this if the next episode isn't good enough, but now I've come to drop this after the long-awaited satisfying episode. Maybe I'm just desperate to get my time's worth out of this show, after all.

But still, like always, I'll finish this one day to review this.

Guilty Crown dropped.