Top 3 Bishoujos of Spring 2012

3. Nyaruko (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san)

The series itself is pretty damn boring, but Nyaruko does help liven thing a lot. Without this fun, energetic and incredible cute character, there would be no value to the show at all. The other characters simple doesn't measure up to the main character herself. Her appeal might just make me give the show a second chance.

2. Kanoe Yuuko (Tasogare Otome X Amnesia)

Yuuko's an incredibly shameless character, having no problems with being groped or seen naked. But she's only shameless to one person, and perhaps that what makes her so sexy. She's would be the prettiest example of a high school beauty this season, followed by Rea. Too bad she's dead... (wait, Rea's dead too. What wrong with this season?) The show wastes no time to consistently remind you of her incredible bust size, and how they keep exploiting that. I won't deny that she's really a mix of popular moé traits, but I guess her back story does helps sets her apart somewhat.

1. Valmer Sofia (Jormungand)

It feels a little weird to put Valmet in first place, but I cannot understate how sexy this character is. It's not everyday you get to see a lady with a 8-pack. I'm not sure if she even fits the description of a bishoujo; she has enough muscles to make her look revolting to some. Despite being the only female in the group, she probably has the greatest physical power, and it's a group where everyone from the old man to the kid has at least a 6-pack. And it's not like this is a show with any kind of superhuman powers; that's her raw strength.

But together with her beastly muscular body, she also has quite an attractive physique, with her giant boobs and long legs. Together with her hilarious devotion to Koko and normally gentle nature, she turns out to be very likable. Perhaps we need less of stereotypical female archetypes and more of such unique characters like this.