Series Review: Amagami SS+ plus (5/10)

Instant summary: Protag scores with a different girl each arc.

I've had one problem with the Amagami. It's that every character seems to have one unique, and specific role to play, and they are given no more than one character trait to play it out. I had written about how the prequel turned out to be a rather big waste of time, but I had hope that this would add a little more value to the franchise (and the time I wasted). It did not. No surprises here.

The omnibus format has its advantages. It gives all the heroines a chance to become the main character, and receive their own happy ending. But with the tiny number of episodes per character, there's not a lot you can do with them. Unlike its predecessor Kimikiss (which I loved), the characters never felt like they had any depth. Except for Kaoru's and Tsukasa's arc, everyone else's story are so excruciating boring. Especially Sae, the only things that differentiate her from a piece of dead wood is her sickeningly shy personality and oversized tits. The anime even had to use a narrator specifically for her arc to try to convince the audience there is something happening.

Damn, I really liked Kaoru (I even bought her manga). But it just doesn't work out for the anime. I believe this sequel wasted more time then the prequel did.

Plot/Concept: Never worked the way it should
Story Style: Mostly boring, depends on arc
Audio/Visual: Good
Value: 5

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