Kokoro Connect Ep5

While Tari Tari is slowly become a drag (albeit like HanaIro), Kokoro Connect's sure picking up the pace. I mean, all the episodes so far has been a pretty fucking amazing emotional roller-coaster ever since Taichi helped Yui overcome her androphopia with his overflowing manliness. Who'd have expected this from an anime that's supposed to be "K-on with guys"?

Taichi finally scored the hat-trick this time round when he talked the last of the three girls out of their emotional baggage. I already had a good feeling that they're warming up to this scene -

Then HOLY SHIT! Heartseed crashed the party and... killed Iori...

But wait! There's more... Iori is still able to swap bodies with another person, and Heartseed actually gave the guys a chance to choose who would die with the body, although it's obvious that it should be Iori in the end. After a series of tearful goodbyes, Iori and Taichi shared a moment they would never forget.

Hang on... Iori is in Inaba's body, so he's kissing two girls AT THE SAME TIME. TAICHI YOU BASTARD.

So it turns out it was all bullshit and Iori's life was never really in danger. Heartseed probably did this to strengthen the relationship between these guys. Would you call it a cheap trick to speed up the development of the story? Is Heartseed a nice guy after all? It doesn't matter, because it's a sudden plot twist we didn't expect, and it even brought Iori and Taichi together. Whether they would be in a relationship or not, I have no doubt that Taichi and Iori (and occasionally Inaba) making out the entire time off-camera.

It's surprising that Kokoro Connect would be the title this season that gave us the most story in just 5 episodes. It seems like there would be no more body swapping for a while, and the title of the next episode suggests a change in story direction. What would the next episode bring?


  1. Taichi is a player that's for sure. But it was Heartseed who over performed this episode in a good way.

    I love it how he can just show up and kill someone but then he just has to politely apologies and he is forgiven... to some extent anyway. Next episode is going to have to introduce something great to keep this going. I'll agree and say it's much better than Tari Tari at this point.

    1. I still prefer the style of Tari Tari! Although it doesn't to be heading towards anything that might top this...

      You're right, Heartseed is the real star in this episodes... who'd have thought?