K-On! Movie

I had the impression that the movie would be the final move by Kyoani to milk whatever's there left to milk from this franchise. You can't blame me for being skeptical, right? K-on, being a slice-of-life with trace amounts of comedy, doesn't seem to be a good base for an original movie plot. While I do think that Aria (a slice-of-life) had a pretty good movie, K-on isn't exactly the "healing" type, so it can't create something similar.

But boy, it was so good! The K-on fanboy in me had almost fizzled out, but the movie seems to have brought him back to life. I never realised I missed the girls so much until I see them do the silly stuff they used to do.

And what would you know, they did have a working plot after all. It might be a rehashed idea they've used in S2, but it didn't bother me. In fact, towards the end, the movie even teared me up a little.

So moe I died
There won't be a point to check out this movie if you aren't already a fan, so I'll say this: the movie would be damn worth it. It compressed everything awesome about the franchise in it's 100 minutes. No matter who your favourite character is, there'll be plenty of screen time for each of them. It's full of the cute and fluffy goodness, plenty of comedy, and there's even quite a bit of original HTT music as well. It even works as an extremely satisfying conclusion to the franchise as well. (unless, of course, they decided to animate the university sequel)

It was the ultimate treat for a K-on fan like me.


  1. KyoAni has made 2 of the best anime movies I've ever seen, this and Haruhi.

  2. Seeing their mass popularity, I think they would no doubt animate the university arc sooner or later.