Series Review: Sankarea (5/10)

Instant summary: Girl died and became a zombie. Ironically, it allows her to experience what normal life is like.

I'm now utterly convinced that the best screenshots I can take are in direct relation to how interesting an anime is. And yes, those screenshots are pretty boring.

I never liked Hattori Mitsuru's stuff. I don't want to sound like a expert wannabe, but I've always felt that his works are simply fan-service without real story substance. And I never really liked his style of fan-service either, because it's always either a little sick or a little too tame. I do somewhat like this style of "sketchy" drawing though. I was introduced by a friend who swear this is the best shit ever, but despite being up to date with the latest chapter, I was never impressed.

I'm just going to spoil you right here; the story is all about Rea trying to experience a normal life outside of her father's obsessive-to-the-point-of-perversion control. There is nothing zombie-ish about that, because there is nothing really zombie-ish about the title anyway. Besides a change in diet and somewhat increased strength, what else does the title has to show for it? Nothing.

Instead of giving what the premises suggests, Sankarea gave us tons of stuff that adds nothing to the story. Stuff like the long process of reviving Chihiro's cat, Wanko's childhood, Mero's pointless own episode, Aria's sob story, etc, etc. And yeah, there's very little stuff going on that actually matters. There's not a single character that can work the story, and even the lead Chihiro was such a pointless character outside of his zombie fetish.

Surprisingly, the animation quality, and overall production quality, was really good. It makes me really think about all that industry decline when they can provide budget for stuff like this.

The cliffhanger ending suggest a second season. I don't know what are the chances of it happening, but if it does happen, I won't be catching it. There was simply nothing exciting, funny or even interesting about this.

Plot/Concept: Boring
Story Style: Good, if not for the slightly sick parts...
Audio/Visual: Very Good
Value: 5

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