Top 3 Bishoujos of Summer 2012

I figured that this could become a regular thing. It's fun photoshopping the pics anyway.

3. Takamura Yui (Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse)

Despite her good looks and impossible figure, I liked how humbled her character is, without any intent on faulting her assets. Except for the body suits, of course. The studio would be insane not to service her to the viewers in some way.

I loved how incredibly strong her character was. The horrible events in her past almost broke her down, but what emerged after that was a unsympathetic, stubborn, and intimidating character. The story is playing on her tsundere tendencies though. Gap moé, right?

I always see Nakahara Mai as VA who are meant for "soft" roles, so I never imagined that she would be this good when she brought Tokiha Mai (Mai-HiME)'s voice to a deeper, angrier tone. Hopefully, we get to see more roles like these for her in the future.

2. Okita Sawa (Tari Tari)

Konatsu might be the heroine of the show, but I feel that Sawa is one who really made an impression. But rather than her personality, it's usually because of her role in the story. She always seems to be the one to offer a different opinion, a funny line, or a push in the right direction. You can even say that she is the adult of that group. Though, I wished she had a more distinct and stable personality for the story.

1. "Watashi" (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita)

This nameless protagonist is probably one of the most unique characters you are ever going to see. It's strange, because despite being the main character, she rarely has input into anything that happened in the show. Usually all we get from her is a cynical remark that is almost reminiscent of Kamijou Touma's "Fukou da~". Even though she is more of a narrator than your usual character, she became the reason for the show's unique brand of comedy. Too bad it's pretty much impossible to replicate such a character in other genres.

"Watashi" is voiced by Nakahara Mai too. Maybe I'm giving her too much credit, but I've began to see how good Nakahara Mai really is. Takamura Yui and "Watashi" are polar opposites in character, but she did such an amazing job for both. Why didn't I realize it before?

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