First Impressions: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Instant Summary: The Hero seeks to kill the Demon King (queen), but ends up joining her quest for peace through the use of science and economics.

Man, just look at those jugs!

Rather than being a hard sell, it's a brilliant move, actually. We're not expected to enjoy Spice and Wolf without the tsundere wolf girl that goes naked on a regular basis, and for the same reason we're supposed to enjoy seeing our buxom female lead while they talk about economics. It's the sizzle of the steak. Anime is fabulous in this way. And look at all the fan art about her that has already popped up.

Tits aside, I find Maoyuu to be simply a Spice and Wolf that is easier to digest. The truth is, hardly anyone watch Spice and Wolf for the confusing jargon and complex microeconomics involved. While I can't really tell how much the economics stuff mattered in the future episodes, it feels like it was kept simple to give more room for the characters, which is what everyone wants after all. Well, they didn't really score points by making them all lovey-dovey in just 2 episodes, but I guess the theme of the show makes it forgivable.

Of course, I'm judging this in comparison to Spice and Wolf based on what I've heard on the blogosphere, but who knows? I didn't know anything about it myself, and this could turn out to be much more of a rom-com than I expected it to. Well, I guess it couldn't hurt that way either.

Outlook: Looks pretty good!

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