First Impressions: Yama no Susume

Instant Summary: Two girls began a mountain climbing hobby.

I've always been a slice-of-life fan, ever since the first Hidamari Sketch 6 years ago. But even for top titles like Aria and Hidasketch, there would inevitably be boring segments, or even boring episodes every now and then. It ain't easy making a slow paced animation interesting for 20+ minutes all the time.

It seems like Yama no Susume is that solution for that. Bite-sized slice-of-life anime! The best part is that slice-of-life characters doesn't necessary need development or depth to work. So, they pretty much worked together like a charm! Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Or maybe they did, but every other 3-min anime I've seen so far lean towards to comedy genre, even Morita-san no Mukuchi.

I enjoyed a fair bit of hiking myself, so I can relate to the topic. So, even if the title is anything but impressive, it might very well be one of my favourite shows this season.

Outlook: Very, very good!

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