First Impressions: Vividred Operation

Instant Summary: A bunch of girls fight big evil machines.

The promise of fanservice had me fooled; as it turns out, Vividred Operation is totally a kid's show.

And I'm not saying that because I thought the story is lousy or shallow. But it is very formulaic. So much that up to the third episode, the show has been nothing but making new friends and fighting unexplained bad guys in power suits without a clear origin, complete with transformation sequences AND FUSION. And no, there isn't even a hint that it would be an anime like Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha or something. All the time they spent calling their attacks, and all the awkwardly long discussions in the middle of the battle, makes this as Power Rangers as it can get.

Some people rant endlessly about the butt shots in the show (see the last pic, lol). I've no idea what they are complaining about. For someone who expect the show to shamelessly stuff as much crouch shots into the animation as possible (like in Strike Witches), I'm honestly kind of disappointed. Besides, they're not even blatantly exposing the girls' underwear as a theme for the show; they're just using bloomers that almost always fails to contain the full volume of their ass meat. Seriously, if you're going on ride on Strike Witches's fame, you might as well go all the way.

Or maybe they toned it down because it is trying to be a kid's show.

And here's something else that made it more like so: the naming pattern of the characters.
Isshiki Akane (One, Red)
Futaba Aoi (Two, Blue)
Saegusa Wakaba (Three, Leaf) (She's the green one)
Shinomiya Himawari (Four, Sunflower) (She's the yellow one)

The antagonist's name is Kuroki Rei (Black). Also, Akane's mom is Mashiro (White). Get ready to see White Ranger Mom pop out in the last episode and kick everyone's ass.

Here's hoping they could pull off an insane plot twist like the one a while ago did. Otherwise, unless children cartoons is your thing, move on. There's nothing to see here (except little girl butts).

Outlook: For kids, lolicons and pervs only.

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