Series Review: Binbougami ga! (4/10)

Instant Summary: An unusually lucky girl meets a God of Misfortune.

There are three words that would sums up all of Binbougami Ga!... and that would be bland, annoying, and one-dimensional.

Why did they cast Hanazawa Kana as the incredibly annoying main character Ichiko in the first place? She actually sounds awful in the role that rambles endlessly, which is a stark contrast to moeblob characters she became so famous in.

Binbougami Ga may be a comedy, but most of jokes runs on a single subject: the two round things on Ichiko's chest that's suppose to represent her "famed" tits (which also gave her the nickname "tittyko"). For something that's supposed to represent her main (and only) selling point, they look horrible. The animators that has no idea how to draw anime tits spawned the two awkwardly round balls that completely defied the laws of gravity and created breasts pockets in whatever pieces of clothing she wears. If there's ever an award called the "Worst tits of the year", it has to go to Ichiko.

What the fuck are these?
And unfortunately, every other joke in the title are just as bad as their boob jokes. Every episode is a constant, rapid stream of highly-exaggerated action recycled catch phrases. The over-the-top feel would have worked with varied and interesting characters, but the unlikable characters and poor animation are killing it.

The precious bits of comedy that actually works becomes the titles's only saving grace. There just isn't anything else about the titles that makes it worth watching.

Plot/Concept: A rehashed and recycled formula we've seen a thousand times.
Story Style: Small bits of working comedy with a great deal of annoyance.
Audio/Visual: An extremely irritating HanaKana. Subpar animation.
Value: 4

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