Series Review: Teekyuu (5/10)

Instant Summary: A bunch of very random girls in a tennis club, doing stuff that's mostly not related to tennis.

3 min shorts aren't new anymore, but this is a little different; the length is just half of that if you cut away the annoying theme song (I'm don't even want to call it an OP). So, 12 episodes of 90 animation, how does it work?

I'll give it to you straight, this is trash. Despite the time frame, they wrote 3 mins worth of material anyway, so the whole episodes is a rapid, constant firing of jokes that become an endless blabbering between the characters that gave no pauses between them. The animation has also reached a new low I've ever seen in a anime. More than often, the characters are just two-frame animation moving around the screen, and sometime it's just a huge picture with zero animation scrolling across the screen. This is the bare minimum of what you'll call animation. Talk about micro-budget.

But. Everyone has 90 seconds to spare any day. That's where Teekyuu comes in for me anyway, and it's even easier than the 3-min shorts. There are no real joke material, but I'll say that they're about as amusing as an average day on 9GAG (or any other joke site). So give and take a little, and there's like no real difference between the time spend on these two.

And so, even if this is by no means a definition of good anime, I guess I enjoyed it a little.

Value: 5

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