First Impression: GOSICK

Victorica is the only thing that sells for GOSICK.
I'm being totally honest here, because the only reason I've watched the second episode is because of the moe potential that Victorica has. Unfortunately, I can't say that her character appeals to me very much either. She's brutally cold in the face of the murder and seems to have very little life in her. Her presence in the show is barely felt until the male lead makes an observation about her or her start making snide remarks. Or when she steal the show by unraveling the rather bland mystery that's going on.

There are times where she can cute or dere but that's all she sells to me as a main lead. The male lead is boring and so is the plot. There are a few redeemable point of the show but I cannot say that they make the show worth my time in the end.

GOSICK: dropped.

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