Madoka Magica Ep8: Screw you Homura! (no, not you QB)

Yeah right, all you do is use force and try to make everything go your way.

Long rant (and spoilers) after jump -->

While I'm all ready for another mindfuck this week, I'm still a bit surprised to see Sayaka "die" the way she did. Given the number of surprises the show has delivered the past few weeks, I should have expected the studio to go all the way and kill Sayaka. Still, that was a bit of shock.

I don't actually blame Kyubei... that much... for all that has happened. After all, what he is and what are his origins are never explicitly explain or look like it's ever going to be explained in the story. What we know that he obviously isn't human, he's an alien or whatever, and his actions cannot be justified by human emotions and thinking. Let's just say that fully loaded Grief Seeds are part of his required vitamin intake, so you can't blame him for that. And lets just say he "breeds" (incubates?) witches to get his food so we can't blame him for that either. Humans breed animals for food too. Being "humane" in his actions is something humans adhere to, not white fluffy space aliens. We can all hate him, but we can't blame him.

I blame Homura for all the shit that is going on. Even if she's not a time traveler, she know a ton and probably everything there is to know about Kyubei, witches and the contract, yet she doesn't say anything for one fricking lame excuse.

"I've tried before. No one believed me."

Either you're doing it wrong, or it's a problem with the plot that we all blatantly ignore. I still blame Homura for all the shit anyway. Not only that being so distressed would make people believe stuff more easily, but we're experiencing a paradigm shift and almost everything that has happened up to now doesn't make any fucking sense, from a human's perspective. I would have believe that witches are actually born from zombie cosplaying unicorns that ate too much strawberry donuts in an alternate dimension 3000 years ago where there are five genders, if Homura actually said it seriously. Heck, I would have at least gave it some thought, which would have been useful in so many situations we've seen until now. Way to go for not trying, now everyone's fucked.

Now that we've established that Madoka would have god-like powers if she actually became a Magical Girl, I wonder what's the point of the wish in the story now. Or maybe it's just more bullshit from Kyubei, but technically Kyubei never lied... so far. Well, I still hope that her wish would be to bring back all her dead friends, but from what I'm seeing I don't think it would be so simple. Since that would most likely be the conclusion for the whole story.

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