Kore wa Zombie desu ka Ep9 IN ONE MINUTE

I never really wanted to blog about this series because the randomness of it isn't really a subject for a good debate. It's still.. good, but not good enough for me to sing praises about it on the blog, and also not interesting enough for me to dedicate a post for it.

Until this one where... Like how Infinite Stratos screwed its previous episode with too much fanservice, they tried too hard to inject action and screentime for each characters and eventually killed it.

Let's see if you can follow what's going on:

Eu disappears to meet up with random antagonist A and tries to kill him but fails. Sera receives orders from someone to kill Eu but Ayumu changes her mind with a MANLY SPEECH (Pic #1). Random antagonist A gets pissed and tries to kill Ayumu with a Ferris wheel (#2) but Ayumu takes no damage cuz he's a fucking ZOMBIE but Eu shit her pants and unintentionally summons this huge jelly thing that sits on Haruna (#3). Dai-sensei appears (#4) and shoots a giant HADOUKEN that sends the huge jelly flying but it crushes Yuki instead (#5). Yuki, on the brink of death, in turn summons this... huge flaming thing that look really fucking stupid (#6) as a Last Stand so Dai-sensei summons the magical chainsaw (whatisname) (#7) for Ayumu to transform instead of using her HADOUKEN. After shooting a couple of energy beams the Flamazoid want to self-destruct (#8) for no apparent reason which prompt Ayumu to use his MANLY SPEECH to save Yuki and after a dramatic exchange and a hug the Flamazoid fizzles out (#9 and #10). Eu returns, injuries magically disappears, everything goes back to normal (#11) but Eu gave a sudden goodbye because she doesn't want to cause anymore unintentional trouble (#12).

...wtf is going on?

Episode 10 Summary
Everyone gets melancholic and gets the resolve to get Eu back.

Episode 11 Summary
The gang finds Eu, but unable to convince her to come back. Random antagonist A appears. Fight ensues.

Episode 12 Summany
Battle. Eu gets convinced to come back. Eu uses IMBA cannon/ undo zombie spell to kill random antagonist A. Happy end.

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  1. Mhn...ahahah effectly the last episode was quite confusing, but that's most likely this show's most important appeal. :D