Infinite Stratos Ep10: I want Tabane dead

Ugh. The strongest impression I have of this episode is how much I hated the new character Tabane. Not only that her character is completely one-dimensional, but her hyperactive personality and annoying voice makes her scenes unbearable. God, if we need a sacrifice for some melodrama, please put this woman to sleep forever.

Other than that, I guess I was wrong about the series after all, as the problems with the plot has finally got to me. I don't mind them spending two-thirds of the series building on the characters, but it seems like they have nothing planned from that onwards.

It won't be so bad if they kept the characters interesting, but show moved on from selling the characters to selling the mediocre story. Which is a bad decision. And there just isn't enough Charlotte in the episode to tide me over this episode since Cecilia took most of the scenes in this episode. I dunno, Cecilia seems to be the least popular character out of the five, why did they chose to feature her in this episode anyway?

Ichika's stupidity seems to have has upped a couple of notches this week. And there's the crappy animation we see outside of scenes with the IS(s). Did they dump all their budget into the CG?...

Well, Houki's new suit looked pretty good, and everyone is amazed with her 4th Generation specs but I assure you, it will all become irrelevant soon enough.

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