Puella Magi Madoka Magica Ep10: Endless Eight

There's no doubt that this episode is awesome, and it's not just that it's visually stunning. To finally see Madoka as a Puella Magi was extremely satisfying by itself. To see the gradual change of Homura from a timid introverted girl to the cold merciless girl she is now moves me. And seeing how the girls behaves so differently in the different timelines, each knowing and experiencing different things, is extremely thought-provoking.

But what made this episode so amazing is not what has happened in the episode itself; although I must say the action was pretty damn awesome. What's so amazing about this episode is how all the pieces fits together. The show had build up way to many questions in the past few episodes (to my annoyance) but the way it all comes together while giving the story so much depth and intrigue, is something I have not managed to see after the movie Inception.

Though, I still think that Horuma could have solved a lot of problems by revealing everything to everyone, but if only a teeny bit, I can see why she would take the hard approach without even considering to talk about it.

So this is what actually had happened, from Horuma's perspective:

(including the top pic)
Sayaka and Kyoko wasn't introduced as Puella Magi. Mami and Madoka saved Homura from a witch, but both dies fighting Walpurgis Night. Homura becomes Puella Magi, and her wish is to redo her meeting (go back in time) with Madoka, hence her time-stopping powers.

(edit: Like how Kurogane says, Her wish is to redo her meeting with Homura UNTIL she can get it right.)

Same as above, no sign of Sayaka or Kyoko. Madoka doesn't die with Homura's help, but turns into a witch (the hideous thing above).

Since she failed, she goes back in time again.

Sayaka and Kyoko are also Puella Magi now. Homura tries to tell them about their fate as witches, but Sayaka thinks it's all BS.

Sayaka turns into witch (after she lost her boy, I guess?) Homura kills Witch-Sayaka, but Mami goes crazy after knowing the truth and kills Kyoko. She tries to kill Homura as well but Madoka kills Mami first.

Homura and Madoka manage to kill Walpurgis Night, but their Soul Gems got so tainted they're close to become witches (see above). Madoka use her last Grief Seed to cleanse Homura's soul gem, so that Homura can kill her, go back in time and prevent her from being a Puella Magi in the first place. (kinda selfish, huh?)

Homura did so and goes back in time again.

This is the timeline in the preview of episode 1. Homura's personality turns stone cold, cures her short sightedness and stopped tying up her hair.

No sign of Mami, Kyoko and Sayaka.

She becomes very aggressive in preventing Kyubei's contact with Madoka, and fights the witches alone, but she cannot handle Walpurgis Night. To save Homura, Madoka becomes a Puella Magi and 1-hit KO Walpurgis Night, but turns into a witch herself. Homura says fuck it and goes back in time again.

...to the current timeline.

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