Lucy and her formidable bust

Just a quick blurb while I wait for the Madoka finale to finish download and yeah... I'm gonna spent a post talking about breasts.
(I love you gg, but how come the torrents are slower than Hidan no Aira?)

Anyway, I just can't help but ogle at Lucy's incredible bust in the above pic for a moment.
For those who haven't realised, I'm talking about Fairy Tail. Damn, I think I've raised my otaku power level. (I think it's over nine thou-)

It's a good chance for me to say that I really love the way Hiro Mashima illustrate the ladies of his manga. Another artist whose character designs I really love are Kozue Amano, the mangaka of Aria and Amanchu, but in a totally different way. Kozue Amano's characters are exceptionally beautiful, charming and gorgeous, while Hiro Mashima's characters are extremely sexy, moe and cute. I guess one of the reasons he's more popular is because his character's selling points are more mainstream.

And by cute I meant characters like Wendy and Levi. Proof that Hiro can draw incredibly lovable characters even without the use of huge tits.

Although I find the character designs style a bit too similar to that of One Piece (sources say both mangaka were influenced by the same guy, but who knows) but I'm really glad Hiro developed his own taste in the girl's design unlike OP's hideous characters. I really don't know how did OP gets so many figurines.

Don't know what I mean? PICSPAM!

It's really sad that the charm doesn't translate into the anime. Mainly due to:

1. The studio animate FT exactly like how OP is animated: too much recycled frames, too much exaggerated attacks, too much talk, too much talk while "charging" attack or "powering up".
2. Aya Hirano.

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