Guilty Crown Ep5 - lolwut, Inori

lolwut Inori? I thought your character's supposed to be emotionless, and now you actually blushed after pressing your boob on Shu's back? Don't you remember the time where you changed their clothes right in front of-

Wait, I did tell myself not to criticize this show anymore, right? I suppose this ain't a legitimate complain anymore now that they're chalking everything up to "Gai told me to do all these to seduce you".

Despite her sudden change of heart, I think that is actually a good thing. I'd hate to see Shu screwing things up every now and then, only to be comforted by the pretty girl that would shower him with selfless and unconditional love and concern. It's not just that Shu doesn't deserve that; it's just that with Inori standing by Shu the whole time, it would make it very hard for Shu to develop as a character. Put him through the trials, I would say.

It's just a little weird that they've decided that it's okay for Inori has adopted a "We're done, now f*ck off" attitude. Perhaps the Undertakers has decided that Shu has gone too far to turn back now. After all, Gai did formally introduce him to the Undertakers, and there would be more than just a couple of people out for his blood if he ends up being a traitor. It wouldn't be too bad if the story ends up like Wanted where Shu will end up killing off the entire group by himself, but I doubt very much that Shu's got the guts for that.

Anyway, this is week 1 of trying to look at Guilty Crown in a very different light; one that does not make comparisons to any other series whatsoever. It isn't very difficult to not hate the series, but at the same time it is also very difficult to like it, and the primary reason is still the main character, because he is simply very, very... bland. Getting him to work extremely hard to gain the recognition from the Undertakers is a good move, but he just doesn't have selling points to make it as a character we have to see so much, and he himself knows that he's still stuck under the way more interesting Gai. Besides Shu, though, the other aspects of the show has managed to sell the show extremely well, especially the girls, although it weighs more on the character design than the depth of their personality.

Well, so congratulations to myself, for Guity Crown has transformed from a vexing show to a boring show for me. Not that's it's not fun to write about, though.

Shu desperately needs a transformation, real fast. Getting a cold shoulder from Inori, a good beating from Gai injured due to his incompetence, and thinking that the two are often screwing like rabbits might make that work.

P.S. So complain #1 of my post on the previous episode is actually valid; Shu did not recognize Kenji this time, but he somehow did when he got his face covered the last time.