Series Review: Brave 10 (6/10)

Instant summary: A damsel in distress seeks the protection of a rogue ninja, and the two of them began the team known as "Brave 10", under the lord Sanada Yukimura.

Brave 10 was me trying to find something similar that would be as good as Seirei no Moribito. But it was no surprise that it never came close. The studio, TMS, was something I've never heard of, and a quick look at their resume tells me that they're mainly known for Detective Conan and Hamtaro, none of which I care about.

I can offer very little praise. The general outline of the series is as cliché as it can get, with our blue-haired lead Isanami playing out her role as damsel in distress exceedingly well. Either that, or they will be meeting new Braves, or saving someone in trouble. There's a plot twist right at the end which I didn't see coming, but it wasn't clever enough to amount to much.

The plot isn't really a negative aspect of the show, until you factor in how ridiculously simple Isanami is. Other than being a moé/fan-service mascot, her role is to be as useless in combat as possible, prompting a rescue mission or simply upping the difficulty of the fight. And as it is traditionally demanded, she got unconditionally attached to the protagonist Saizo right off the bat. Saizo isn't all that unique either. Like any other shounen protagonist, he is extremely resilient to damage, and possess a ability that allows him to increase his power drastically, something which wins him all the fights. The other Braves are actually more interesting, but too bad they don't offer any character development.

The good part about Brave 10? It has an extremely simple and straight-foward storytelling method which doesn't tend to be overcomplicated or try to be something it is not. If this were a adaptation, it would have made a good transition. It's easy to absorb, and while it has no deeper meaning to speak of, it won't leave you with any plot holes.

Animation is average, but I guess I ought to give them points for not recycling any action scenes. They really need to fire the audio guy. Too many times the speech is barely audible compared to the loud action sounds. Well, at least there's Satou Rina and Ono Daisuke.

Plot/Concept: Average
Story Style: Average
Audio/Visual: Fair
Value: 6