Series Review: Danshi Koukoushi no Nichijou (8/10)

Instant summary: High-school boys derping around.

"Why would I ever want to watch a highschool comedy that features guys?"... was my first reaction to this anime. I'm the kind of anime fan that goes for stuff like K-ON... and I have no problem admitting that one of the prime reason I watch anime is for the bishoujo, and for the moé. The concept of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou seeks to offer neither , but it turns out to be way more entertaining than most anime in the same season. I'm lucky that the many positive reviews I've read led me to give this show a try, because if you thought the same thing as me based on the premises alone, it's your loss.

Nichibros, as it's called by a fansub, uses a lot of slapstick and gag humor, but the best thing about it is how it all relates and makes fun of the things that most teenagers, as we were before, had experienced. It made me feel nostalgic every time the character does the silly stuff I myself has tried when I was younger. The creative use of humor aside, I think the best part about the series is how we can connect to the characters because of the way they think and act. Compared to Lucky Star and Nichijou that actually has plenty of moé (depends on who you ask), Nichibros fulfilled the comedy genre way better. The last comedy I saw that was this good is Cromatie High School, which I loved despite featuring only guys.

Despite the title, the show actually has plenty of girls (thankfully, I guess) and it was pretty interesting to see the silly side of adolescent girls as well. The production values are surprisingly low for Sunrise, but this isn't their genre anyway. After Tiger & Bunny and this, can we expect a whole new variety of stuff from this veteran studio from now on?

I can't explain comedy, but it's damn good, I tell you that.

Plot/Concept: Good
Style: Excellent!
Audio/Visual: Fair
Value: 8