First Impression of Binbougami ga!

Instant synopsis: Ichiko has too much "luck" in her life, and Momiji has come to steal some of it.

I think I spent half of the entire first episode fixated on Ichiko's breasts. I can't help it because 1. I'm a guy, 2. That's what the producers are trying to do anyway and 3. It has the very definition of "breasts that defies gravity". I mean, take a look at this:

And where the hell do you actually find clothes that accentuate breasts like that? Her uniform practically have breasts sags that you can fit your boob into!

It feels weird hearing Hanazawa Kana do such a bitchy role. Not that she's bad at it, but after hearing her do moeblobs roles for so long, she actually feels out of character. I might need a while to get used to this.

The whole episode's insane. But it's brilliantly-entertaining insane. From the hyperactive characters to the pointless violence to the gags, the whole episode was really fun despite its shortcomings. It's cool to see them poke fun at Vegeta and Medaka.

The animation wasn't as good as I expected from Sunrise. And the songs are horrible. But I think I can overlook all that. It should good if they can keep the energy level up. I'm not too optimistic about the premises of the show, really, but...

Verdict: Watching

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