First Impression of Arcana Famiglia

Instant synopsis: Members of a (mafia-like) family, each with a "Arcana Power" related to one of the Major Arcana, gets to fight one another for the right to marry Felicita, and become the head of the family.

This isn't what I expected from an otome game adaptation. For a harem-theme anime, there's already a fair bit of action, and the story suggests a lot more to come.

What turns out to be really interesting for me is how cool everyone is, when they captured the feel of a well-dressed, "professional" mafia, with their black suits and all. Actually, everyone is dwarf by how cool Felicitá is. Despite being the only female in the group, she proved that she can hold her own with her powerful kicks and knives. Her cold, confident attack in the main pic above really won me over; the suit simply makes her all the more awesome. Her slightly aloof, bashful personality outside of the violence make her character interesting too. I can see myself really liking this character, even if I didn't like Mamiko Noto all that much.

- The Major Arcana each character represents either seems to be a total giveaway to their power/personality, or they makes no sense whatsoever.
- ...especially for Libertá, the "Fool", which is probably the most important Major Arcana.

Verdict: Watching... most likely.

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