First Impression of Yuru Yuri ♪♪

Instant synopsis: Yuru Yuri: "Easygoing Yuri".

Pardon my lateness, I was setting up my new computer system and had to set-up my programs and everything from scratch.

And DAMN, I missed Yuru Yuri. I feel bad that I'm giving this more attention to some of the better stuff this season, but Yuru Yuri is one of the titles I can't help but enjoy, despite what everyone else says. The yuri themes aside, the comedy might be one of the better ones in the recent seasons, and if it actually managed a second season, I must not be the only one that think so. Yuru Yuri is my new K-ON. They're world apart in terms of animation quality, but they're comparable in theme of cutes-girls-doing-cute-things.

- It didn't have an insanely catchy OP and ED this time, but the song was okay.
- Better animation compared to the last season.

Verdict: Watching

Damn. Why can't they make Akarin the center of the entire show?

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