Tari Tari Ep3: I could hear Sawa and Konatsu talk all day...

Y'know, if they would make a Joshiraku with just Sawa and Konatsu talking the whole episode, it would instantly be my favourite show.

Man! I can't pick my favourite anime of the season between this and Kokoro Connect. Two of the best high school drama I've seen in a long time, and they both in the same season. Maybe it's just my kind of show? There's a ton of similarity between them, from the style to the casting. Well, but Kokoro Connect try to make use of more generic characters; Tari Tari's cast are nothing short of unique.

A new thing that caught my eye (or ear) this episode, is Sawa's (Hayami Saori) accent, or say, manner of speech. I've mentioned that the characters of Tari Tari talks very differently compared to other anime, and Sawa seems to be the most prominent one out of the group. And now that I look at the dialogue of some other title, it all feel so scripted compared to Sawa's nonchalant chat. I've never really took notice of Hayami Saori before; the last time I heard her was in Wagaya no Oinari-sama where she voice a loli miko, and she didn't leave an impression that time, other than being genuinely young. Is it that the seiyuus are taking it up a notch with Tari Tari, or did the script pushed them to perform something different and better? Because I don't remember Seto Asami perform like this either. Maybe it's just the way they kept cutting into each other's sentences, because you don't often see anime dialogue like that. Either way, I should keep an eye out for Hayami Saori's future roles.

I should have guess that this is just the beginning of the choir club, as after the performance last episode, the nameless characters all quit en masse. It should be obvious that the five would be the club, but given their different interests I never saw how. I'm flabbergasted at the choice of "Choir and sometimes badminton club", but I guess that makes sense. It's very Konatsu-like.

Sometimes I feel that I'm enjoying the presentation so much that I don't care what the plot is really about. But now that the stage is set and all the actors are on it, we'll finally start to see the best Tari Tari has to offer. (ooh, bikini Sawa next episode!)

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  1. I can listen to Wakana's line in the end all day long lol