Series Review: Letter Bee (8/10)

Instant Summary: A crybaby follows the footsteps of his benefactor in hopes of meeting him again.

This review will cover both seasons. There's no reason separate them by season, the story is continuous and they aired back to back anyway.

Despite the many differences between this and a typical shounen title, I have to say this: Tegami Bachi really feels like a shounen done right.

It isn't really about what the other shounen titles done wrong, but the unique quality of Tegami Bachi makes me feel that this is how a typical shounen should be more like. It isn't about of a series of arcs with a different kind of conspiracy and final boss. It isn't about a long series of battles with progressively stronger opponents, while the main character gets more powerful. It isn't always about the sick ultimate move that tries to rile up the viewer. What it actually does, is to run the show on one main plot that develops constantly. What it seeks to show you, is the bits and pieces of the characters and the world they live in. And to fill up the gaps, they had heartwarming little side stories that not only match the atmosphere of the title, but also develops the characters involved. It might be fillers, but it was good fillers.

And I absolutely loved it. Not only the show had me dying to learn more about the characters, it had me dying to know what will happen next. I found it hard to stop watching and deal with my RL bullshit, and I feel that I still enjoy it even in the most boring parts. I loved the characters as well. The girls of Tegami Bachi (Sylvette, Niche, Roda, Aria) are all insanely adorable, and they in the freaking same show. Hell, if there is a anime where Niche and Sylvette sits around the house doing nothing, I'll watch it.

The downside? I cringe every time Lag cries. It's okay when he did it the first few time, then it simply gets annoying. And he cries A LOT. It's somewhat related to the story and all, but it still puts me off. The other downside might have been the animation quality, but it's probably just the version I got that suck.

It's a pity they sealed off the future of any further anime with an anime original ending, but at least it ended really well. This would definitely be a keeper.

Plot/Concept: Very Good
Story Style: Excellent!
Audio/Visual: Good
Value: 8

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