Series Review: Moyashimon Returns (where are my microbes?)

Instant Summary: Dude can see microbes.

I haven't ready any other opinions on the net so I don't really know what other people feels about this sequel. But I don't think I need a second opinion, because I've already made up my mind on this; that Moyashimon Returns really failed to deliver.

I know the need for the storyline to make the series less stagnant, and perhaps that's what they really tried to build on this time round. But it's apparent that they aren't terribly exciting story writers. We see a huge amount of screentime dedicated to the search of Hasegawa in France, but there so very little going on. While I waited patiently for more, we have a sudden new character introduction in the form of Marie, and with that comes a side story of her failing winery bullshit. It's a bad timing. Why would I care about new character with no links to the main cast, while there's so little going on in the main plot?

But that's a minor issue, since the first Moyashimon's success didn't actually bank on the story anyway. It's all about the microbes, and like the title says: Where are my microbes? I mean, okay, we see them every now and then, but they became so rare and so irrelevant in face of the story. Sawaki, despite being the main character, never ever mattered for the show; it's the cute mascots that sells the show the whole time.

They went for less mascots and more story, and I think that's a really bad move.

Plot/Concept: Disappointing
Story Style: Boring
Audio/Visual: Very Good
Value: 6

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