First Impressions: Da Capo III

Instant Summary: The newspaper club accidentally resurrects a dead magical sakura tree, and writes about it.

Well, I'm cheating here. This isn't really a 3-episode test, because I really can't get past the second episode. And that's saying a lot for a title with so much emphasis on tits.

And this anime is really all about tits. They flaunt chest-shots like Strike Witches flaunt their crouch-shots. I'm not familiar with the Da Capo franchise, but the character designs seems to have taken a 10-year step back into the past; pasting gargantuan boobs on incredibly slender bodies, huge eyes with various shades, and hair with various styles and flashy colours. The personalities are as stereotypical as it can get; and they also happen to be the most beautiful girls in the whole school. And they all really like the main character for no reason.

Believe it, the story about the blooming of the sakura tree or whatever isn't going to matter one bit. All that matters is the juicy parts in each of the female character's back-story. And since this anime isn't in omnibus format, we're stuck to one "route", meaning that all we'll see is a tiny fraction of a character's story. Meaning they're mostly empty characters to meet the girl count. Meaning they're just mostly tits.

I guess I learned that popularity of Da Capo is due to how faithfully it stuck to being a traditional harem setting. And by traditional, I meant unoriginal. Da Capo is the epitome of a stereotypical anime, but I can see why someone would like it. But that someone will never be me.

Outlook: Horrible

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